About Chemogenomics Database for Drug Abuse Research

Chemogenomics Database for Drug abuse Research or Drug Abuse knowledgebase (DA-KB) is designed for facilitating data-sharing and information exchange among scientific research communities for drug abuse, including genes, proteins, small molecules and signal pathways, with online structure search functions and data analysis tools implemented.

Please cite the following paper for CDAR:

Xie X*, Wang L, Liu H, Ouyang Q, Fang C and Su W (2014). Chemogenomics Knowledgebased Polypharmacology Analyses of Drug Abuse Related G-Protein Coupled Receptors and Their Ligands. Front. Pharmacol. 5:3. doi: 10.3389/ fphar.2014.00003


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Chemogenomics database for Drug abuse was created and maintained by Prof.  Xiang-Qun (Sean) Xie’s laboratory

Dr. Xie is a tenured Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Drug Discovery Institute, University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). He is a Chair of the Distinguished Lecture Series Committee, a Chair of Graduate Admission Committee and a member of Graduate Program Council for School of Pharmacy at Pitt. He is a co-PI/core co-director of the NIH funded Pittsburgh Center for Chemical Methodologies & Library Development (P. Wipf, PI/Director). He is a member and co-PI of the Pittsburgh Molecular Library Screening Center previously funded by NIH Roadmap Initiative. He also holds joint faculty positions at the Departments of Computational Biology and Structural Biology, and Pitt Cancer Institute MT/DD Program. Before he joined in Pitt, he was a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and a founding Director of Pharmacoinformatics Research Center in College of Pharmacy at University of Houston Texas.

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