Virus Chemogenomics Knowledgebase 2.0

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Virus-CKB 2.0 is a knowledgebase for viral-related diseases research that is implemented with our established chemogenomics tools as well as our algorithms for data visualization and analyses, including MCCS, HTDocking, TargetHunter, BBB predictor, Spider Plot, Protein-Protein docking, etc. This tool predicts the BioActivities on 178 viral related targets for a query compound and provides a handy user interface for viewing, downloading and plotting the output results.

For a quick start, click on Create a Job to submit your compound. To learn more about how to use this tool, please refer to our User Guide.

Virus-CKB: an integrated bioinformatics platform and analysis resource for COVID-19 research
Zhiwei Feng, Maozi Chen, Tianjian Liang, Mingzhe Shen, Hui Chen, Xiang-Qun Xie
Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2021, 22(2), pp 882-895
Publication Date: July 27, 2020

 System Workflow & Architecture
Besides the functionalities provided on this website, we also provide a set of open APIs for people who are interested in consuming the power of our docking and prediction in their own way. To learn more about how, please refer to our documentations and inspectors.
Web UI Target Hunter HTDocking BBB Predictor Spider Plot
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This tool is developed proudly using Visual Studio Community 2022 with ASP.NET 6.0, Entity Framework Core and SignalR in C# and TypeScript and is hosted on RHEL 7.4 with Apache. Thanks to the developers of all the tools used. Should you encounter any issue or have any question about the tool, please feel free to contact us at xieccgsgmailcom.