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The overall goal of the proposed Computational Chemical Genomics Screening Center (CCGSC) is to build a research/teaching platform and collaboration services by providing new exploratory computational tools/algorithms and chemical libraries resources in a chemical genomics scale for in-silico drug design and discovery. This goal is related to, but distinct from, cheminformatics, computational biology, bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. The objective is the more rapid identification of novel drug-like molecules, so called “lead compounds,” and their associated biological targets embracing multiple early phase drug discovery processes ranging from computational target identification and validation, to in silico screening, lead modification/scaffold hopping and virtual compound library design, and to in silico ADME profiling. CCGSC will have a mission to promote interdisciplinary research, education and training, and foster collaborations to develop state-of-the-art computational-chemical-genomics-based in-silico drug design approaches through exploration of chemical-diversity space and its relationship to biological space.

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